Isfreetorrent Juicy Bumbles Beautiful Soft Leather Baby Shoes with Suede Soles - Toddler Shoes - Infant Shoes - Pre Walker Shoes - Crib Shoes - Butterfly 12-18 Months:Isfreetorrent
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Juicy Bumbles Beautiful Soft Leather Baby Shoes with Suede Soles - Toddler Shoes - Infant Shoes - Pre Walker Shoes - Crib Shoes - Butterfly 12-18 Months:Isfreetorrent

Juicy Bumbles
Juicy Bumbles Published in October 15, 2018, 11:21 am
 Juicy Bumbles Beautiful Soft Leather Baby Shoes with Suede Soles - Toddler Shoes - Infant Shoes - Pre Walker Shoes - Crib Shoes - Butterfly 12-18 Months:Isfreetorrent

Juicy Bumbles Beautiful Soft Leather Baby Shoes with Suede Soles - Toddler Shoes - Infant Shoes - Pre Walker Shoes - Crib Shoes - Butterfly 12-18 Months:Isfreetorrent

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Anna Reply to on 25 August 2017
These leather shoes aren't just cute, but they also seem to be extremely comfortable. Our very strong-willed baby hasn't even attempted to take them off like she normally does with shoes and socks. They are perfect for babies who are just starting to walk as they provide some protection, warmth and grip on hard floors, but other than that they are the closest to walking barefoot. They are also quite inexpensive compared to high street brands. I wish they came in bigger sizes so I could wear similarly comfortable and affordable shoes!
The colour is a lovely dark navy, not black as it may appear on the screen, but definitely darker than most navy stuff.
Mrs B
Mrs B Reply to on 15 August 2017
Beautiful soft leather pre-walker shoe. Helps my little boy on our laminate flooring which is very slippery without these on. I ordered spot the dog, they arrived very quickly and also well packaged plus inside an organza bag, which could be a nice gift for a little one. My baby is 14 months old and I ordered size 12-18, there is plenty of room to grow, slightly large for him at the moment, but they grow so fast! Highly recommend and will be ordering other designs. Very soft and good well made quality. They look very cute too, my son enjoys playing with them when he's not wearing them.:)
FPrincess Reply to on 12 September 2017
Love these! I also ordered different styles that were thicker and chunkier, thinking my toddler would prefer them, but actually he hated the thick style, found them cumbersome and just took them off every time. These slippers however, are still warm and soft leather, but thin, and perfect as he doesn't even seem to realise he's wearing them! He leaves them on all day and they protect his feet and keep them warm and his socks clean all day in the house. Perfect! I will definitely buy the next size up when he grows out of them. Great range of designs too, it was hard to choose!
My son is 20 months, but only a size 5 in child shoes, so I bought the 12 to 18 month size slippers and they were perfect.
Lucie Moravkova
Lucie Moravkova Reply to on 17 May 2017
I bought the 12-18 months size for my 13 month old toddler and she absolutely loves them! Beautiful design, top quality and even though she still has plenty of room in this size, they fit perfectly (I rolled the tops down). They stay on her feet and she doesnt slip on the cold slippery kitchen floor anymore. Well done and thank u to whoever makes these!
weehands Reply to on 31 October 2016
Lovely soft leather and fit my 12 month old perfectly (even though we had to buy the 0-6 months size!).
Help her climb about and walk without slipping on our tiled and wooden floors. Also, she seems to love them :-)
(It helps that they don't have velcro as she can undo shoes with velcro way to easily.)

UPDATE: The first ones we ordered (pink trainers) have developed a split in the leather between two of the laces. The shoes are definitely still wearable though. It's possible the split was caused by the baby biting them - we are not sure! They get wiped regularly with baby wipes to keep them looking lovely and clean. They've even been through the washing machine cycle once. Even though they come out slightly harder, they soften up (as if they were new) after one wearing.
They are starting to get quite neat now, so I ordered the 6-12 month size - my daughter is now 14,5 months. This time we then ordered the black shoes with the daisies on. They are still a bit large on her, but stay on well with the elastic. She probably won't wear them much until she grows into them - maybe in about a month's time. It's always hard to tell!
Amazon fan
Amazon fan Reply to on 6 January 2017
Brilliant soft pre walking shoes, helps my boys to practice walking with out slipping, they stay on all day and keep socks in place and keep their feet warm, I will be repeat purchasing. These are a 2nd pair, as they have gone up a size. I will say they are large the 6 to 12 months fitted until they were 16 months and the 12 to 18 months are around a shoe size 5.5 as my boys are a 4.5 so they have some growing room and at a guess should last from 16months to 22 months and then i will get the 18 to 24 month size. Lovely leather smell too.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 12 February 2017
The shoes are well made and look great and I am mostly impressed. The elastic around the ankle is nice and tight and he hasn't been able to pull them off nor have they fallen off. My only criticism would be that I measured my sons foot and got the appropriate size according to the guide and they are quite big. He has a wide foot and they are big in width too. Still, he'll grow so not too worrying.
Anna D.
Anna D. Reply to on 1 May 2018
Very soft when first received and the pattern is lovely, however we have hard wood floors and they get slippery because dirt accumulates on the we ended up washing them and they became dry and sad really. So I would say they're good but there are done limitations.
I bought these when she was about 11 months old and in time they fit her really well.
Merlinf31 Reply to on 17 June 2018
1* rating - unfortunately, as the shoes are lovely, but had the wrong size sent to me.
Ordered 18-24 months but when opened packaging it was 12-18 months. To be clear, the plastic cover said 18-24 months but the shoes themselves were 12-18. Factory error? Thought an one-off problem so returned those and ordered another pair.
Same problem with the 2nd lot so had to order from a different company.
Recommend the shoes though.
Jam35 Reply to on 2 November 2017
I think these a fantastic. I struggled to find slippers/shoes my boy wud keep on his feet and normal shoes or pre walkers were just to heavy. It was like he had cement shoes on lol. I have now bought 2 pairs of these as they are pretty hard wearing and he keeps them on which is amazing. He also has no trouble crawling around and they help to keep his feet warmer than just socks in the winter months. Quick delivery and very good customer care. Would definitely recommend these
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