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Alice Walker
Alice Walker Published in October 15, 2018, 10:56 am
 The Color Purple:Isfreetorrent

The Color Purple:Isfreetorrent

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M. Dowden
M. Dowden Reply to on 26 August 2018
Alice Walker’s epistolary novel first published in 1982 went on to win the National Book Award and a Pulitzer Prize. Not bad for a book that is just a series of letters. But once you start to read it you realise why it won prizes and has been so popular with many people over the years. Rather ironically though in this country this seems to have had no real problems, but over the years in the US there have been attempts to have this banned from schools and libraries.

Here then we meet Celia who initially writes letters to God as she tries to get things off her chest, but throughout the novel we find that she starts instead to write to her sister Nettie, who has gone to Africa with a family who are missionaries, and thus we have letters from her as well. Celie and her family come from the Deep South, and thus her letters, unlike those of her sister are in the vernacular, whereas Nettie shows a higher education with her letters written as you would normally expect.

Why this novel works so well is because we read of real human characters, that despite this being in the epistolary style do seem to come fully alive. Taking in so many subjects and themes, so we read of family secrets and murder, along with sexual and physical abuse, as well as racism and many other subjects. The thing that really comes through though is arguably the determination and resilience of Celie as we see how she progresses through the ups and downs of life, thus bringing up a string of emotions in us all. What also really makes this such a great book to read is that the characters grow up, becoming more mature, recognising their faults as well as trying to improve themselves.
Pat McDonald
Pat McDonald Reply to on 10 November 2016
I read this book some time ago and recently repurchased it. It is a brilliant insight into slavery and the effects it has within even a deeply religious community where it is entrenched and accepted; and also for the very young Celie who is wrenched away from her sister and subjected to the abuse it brings. It also shows how slavery can be eradicated. For Celie it is a long hard battle to meet her children again after they are taken from her. It is a poignant reminder of where we shouldn’t venture. It was made into a film and introduces Whoopie Goldberg and Oprah Wimfrey which has now become a classic. Alice Walker is a great writer and I recommend any of her works. Pat McDonald British Crime Writer
keith s forshaw
keith s forshaw Reply to on 28 March 2018
I missed the movie many years ago and so finally downloaded the book.I knew little to nothing about the story line so imagine my delight as I turned page after page of this exterordinery novel.And to think this was Alice Walkers first published book.
If I ever see Color Purple showing I will watch it with great interest just to see how it translates to the screen.
AB Reply to on 4 July 2017
Beautifully written. An important story that is told wonderfully by a fabulous storyteller. The use of African dialect, although difficult to get into at the beginning, allows for a harrowing insight into the characters lives.
Bliss Reply to on 19 July 2017
Such a fantastic book. Glad i read this before watching the film. Would recommend highly
esaint Reply to on 23 August 2017
I loved it until Nettie's letters, I could just not get into her story, I kept wanting to go back to Celie's.
I had a hard time keeping up with all the characters and their relations.
I loved how Shug described god to Celie.
I found it flat how somehow Nettie and even Mr.------- (this 'name' was annoying) came to find the same wisdom at the same time at the end.
Lisa Reply to on 23 August 2014
The Color Purple is truly an amazing book and one I wish I could give double the 5 stars to. Having first seen the film on a flight to Vancouver, I knew this would be a good story but I was unnerved by the epistolary approach, the dialect and the first person POV. I need not have worried. It gripped me from the first and became more intense as it progressed. There is so much courage in the face of abuse and tragedy in this novel and it is so uplifting. The ending had me in tears, I was there sharing the characters’ happiness. If you have not read this book, you should.

The end dedication: “I thank everybody in this book for coming. – A.W., author and medium” should send a message to any author. The characters are real, they came fully formed and that is the nature of inspiration if not genius. Thank you Alice Walker for giving me the opportunity to know and love them as you did.
Ignite Reply to on 22 May 2013
In this modern classic, we meet Celie who is raped by her father as a child and then given in marriage against her will. She's had 2 children, both of whom she believes to be dead as they were taken from her at their birth. It's a story of oppression and it could be desperately sad but it isn't. The book is in the form of letters, mostly written by Celie to God, her only confidant. Later in the book, she writes to her sister who is a missionary in Africa. She finds love and a meaning in her life, from an unexpected quarter. In the course of the story, over the 1920s and 1930s we see the characters grown and evolve.

I loved the writing; so unconventional but so successful in the way that it forced me to read it in an American Deep South accent. I could just about hear Celie in my head. Her sister, educated and literate, writes very differently. Celie is conscious of her language and indeed, has had her deficiencies pointed out by several people and they have made unsuccessful attempts to teach her. Her homely expressions give the book a real life quality and I was fascinated and gripped through it all. This is a book I'd definitely recommend.
Darren Lad
Darren Lad Reply to on 9 September 2018
This book covers many themes, racism, sexism, some parentilism and oppression.

“Look at you! You’re Black, You’re Poor, You’re Ugly, You’re a Woman, you’re nothing at all”.

Celie is the main character of the book, she is invisible and silent to begin with, having a downtrodden and hard life, being abused and raped by her father and given to the evil but yet weak, Mr__________ , who also rapes her, abuses her. Celie is a slave to Mr____________’s and his children’s needs.

Shug Avery is a singer with dubious morals, a confident woman oozing sexuality. When Mr________ brings her into the household, it is his ultimate downfall as Shug helps Celie to gain confidence and independence, after hearing how Mr___________ treats her.

Nettie is Celie’s sister, she was sent away at a young age after avoiding the sexual advances of her own father and then Mr________. She joins the household of Reverand Samuel and his wife Corrine and becomes a Missionary in Africa. She finally returns to Nettie many years later with a surprise for Celie.

A lovely story, made up of letters sent from Celie to God and towards the end letters to her sister Nettie.
A powerful and thought pro-voking book, detailing the strong bonds made between the black women of that time, standing strong against male domination, and the close bonds of true family.
Christine Reply to on 26 August 2012
This book is probably the best example of modern literature of our time. I bought this for a friend as I felt she would enjoy it, but had read it myself in A level English Literature. I wasn't sure I was going to like it when I first started, as it is written as diary entries by Celie (a young black girl), set in the the southern state of Georgia. The diary entries, addressed to God, give an account of her life spanning many decades. I am filling up now just recalling the story and how moving many of the entries were. It is a most emotive and beautifully written book. One which transports you to a different time and place, and small wonder it won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

Every reader wants to sample different situations, experiences, places, emotions etc; Very few books actually deliver, this one does! And how!

Despite it's compact size, this book is filled with a lifetime of emotions. It covers social issues, explores relationships and faith that one day things will be better. That life will be better.

This was also made into a film by Stephen Spielberg, and starring Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey, which he did justice to, but you will be depriving yourself of a unique reading experience by not reading this marvelous book. Enjoy!

As usual, this was delivered on time and in perfect condition by Amazon.
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